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About us

Affordable Tutoring Tasmania (ATT) is a local Tasmanian tutoring platform connecting students from Kinder to Year 12 with well-rounded and experienced-based academic support.

Meet Our Founder

Hi! My name is Billy and I am the founder of Affordable Tutoring Tasmania. After I left college in 2019, I was eager to forward my passion for learning onto others and, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, began tutoring students who were struggling with online learning.

My love for working with young people quickly became a full-time job, and, in 2020, I founded Affordable Tutoring Tasmania, a local tutoring business that aims to provide students from Kinder to Year 12 with affordable and high-quality tutoring delivered by young people like myself.

Now, more than 2 years, Affordable Tutoring Tasmania has engaged over 60 tutors located across the state and has delivered many thousands of lessons. Our platform currently offers students of all ages and abilities in-home tutoring in every subject; from literacy and numeracy for primary students, right through to Maths, Science, English and more for college students.

Tutoring on our platform is often delivered by Tasmania’s brightest young achievers, many of which have previous experience with youth and have recently navigated the schooling system with outstanding results. This model has had seen fantastic improvement in our students, as our tutors are able to build a strong rapport with students and connect as role models for them. I am incredibly passionate about giving each child the same opportunity to engage in the classroom and to feel like they are making progress in their studies, which is why we continue to cater for students around Tasmania from all walks of life.


Debbie Eaves (Aboriginal Education), Lucile Cutting (ABC Radio Hobart) and Billy Blackett (Founder and Manager of Affordable Tutoring Tasmania).

Our Services

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