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Getting Started

Thank you for supporting a local Tasmanian business. Below you will find a simple, 4-step process to getting your child professional and cost-effective academic support. 

1. Lodge an Inquiry

Fill out a short, online inquiry form so that we can help you find the most suitable tutoring option for your child.


2. Organise a Trial Lesson

Visit our online booking system and book a trial lesson with your allocated tutor.

3. Confirm and attend your first lesson

Once booked, your tutor will be in touch to introduce themselves and get an understanding of your unique goals and needs. Use our goal-setting intake form to communicate lesson goals and milestones.

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4. We will check in regularly 

After your Trial Lesson, ATT will contact you to get some feedback and answer any questions you may have. If you aren't satisfied with your allocation, our team will offer you a free trail lesson with another tutor!


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Student Pass

Discounted tutoring rates for lessons over a 3, 6 or 12 month period.

Unrestricted access to online learning software

Tickets to Bi-Monthly Seminars for parents and students

Progress reports, action plans, tangible results, learning diagnostics & more.

*Subject to tutor location and availability.

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Why tutor with ATT?

Tasmania's brightest young achievers.

Our team of college tutors hold exceptional achievements in their subject areas and achieve high ATARs. 


Trained & Certified

Tutors complete an ATT Tutor Course, Infection Control Training and have a valid Working with Vulnerable People Registration.

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Our tutors are selected from Tasmania's top graduates based on academic merit, community involvement and experience with children and young people. 


Flexible Location

Tutors are available at your home, online, or at some other agreed upon location. ATT has tutors located across the state.